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retire in 10 years

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Hello, my young adventurer! Are you ready for an exciting journey? Are you ready to learn how to retire in 10 years with a million, or better, $10 million? Today, we’re going on a special treasure hunt. But this isn’t just any treasure hunt. This is a hunt for a big, shiny treasure worth $10 million!

Now, you might be thinking, “That’s a lot of money! Can I really find a treasure that big?” Well, my friend, that’s what our adventure is all about. We’re going to learn how to make a plan, follow a map, and find our way to that amazing treasure, even without a retirement calculator!

But remember, this isn’t a race. It’s a journey that will take us 10 years. That might sound like a long time, but don’t worry! We’re going to have lots of fun along the way. We’ll learn about money, business, and real estate. We’ll discover how to buy things, make them better, and sell them for a profit. And most importantly, we’ll learn how to be patient, persistent, and brave.

So, are you ready to start our journey? Great! Let’s begin by figuring out where we are right now. In other words, let’s establish our starting point. Onwards to our adventure!

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Let’s assume you’re starting with a net worth of $300,000, which could be in the form of cash, investments, or equity in a business or real estate.

retire in 10 years - start

Alright, let’s start our journey to $10 million! But before we start, we need to know where we are right now. This is what we call our “starting point.” It’s not just about asking yourself ‘how much do i need to invest to retire in 10 years’.

Imagine you’re going on a treasure hunt. You have a map, and you know where the treasure is, but to get there, you need to know where you are on the map. That’s your starting point!

In our case, the treasure is the big, shiny $10 million we want to have in 10 years. And our map? It’s the plan we’re going to follow to get there. But first, we need to figure out our starting point.

Let’s say you have a big piggy bank. You’ve been saving money from your birthday, holidays, and maybe even from helping around the house. All that money in your piggy bank is part of your starting point.

But it’s not just the money in your piggy bank. Maybe you have some toys that are worth a lot of money, or maybe your family has a business or a house. All these things that are worth money are part of your starting point too.

In our plan, we’re going to pretend that our starting point is $300,000. That’s like having a super, super big piggy bank! But don’t worry if you don’t have that much. This is just pretend, and it helps us understand how to make a plan.

Remember, knowing your starting point is very important. It’s like knowing where you are on the treasure map. Once you know that, you can start your journey to the treasure! And in our case, the treasure is a big, shiny $10 million. Ready to start the journey? Let’s go!


To succeed in real estate or business, you need to develop expertise. This could involve getting a real estate license, taking business courses, or gaining experience in a relevant industry.

retire in 10 years - expertise

Now that we know where we are on our treasure map, it’s time to get ready for our journey. And the best way to get ready? By learning as much as we can! This is what we call “developing expertise.”

Imagine you’re a pirate on a treasure hunt. You wouldn’t just jump in your ship and sail off, would you? No, you’d learn how to read a map, how to steer a ship, and maybe even how to fight off sea monsters! You’d become an expert pirate.

In our journey to $10 million, we need to become expert treasure hunters. But instead of learning about maps and sea monsters, we’re going to learn about money, houses, and businesses.

Maybe you’re wondering, “How do I become an expert?” Well, it’s like learning to ride a bike or play a video game. You start by learning the basics. You practice a lot. You might fall down or lose a game, but you keep trying. And over time, you get better and better. That’s how you become an expert!

In our case, we might read books about money. We might play games that teach us about buying and selling. We might even talk to people who are already experts, like parents, teachers, or business owners.

Remember, becoming an expert takes time and practice. But don’t worry! Every step you take, every bit you learn, brings you closer to the treasure. So, let’s put on our learning caps and start developing our expertise! Forward to the next chapter of our quest!


Look for undervalued properties or businesses that you can buy, improve, and sell for a profit. This could involve renovating properties, improving business operations, or increasing marketing efforts.

retire in 10 years - opportunities

Great job, my fellow adventurer! Now that we’re becoming experts, it’s time for the next step in our journey to $10 million. We need to “identify opportunities.”

Now, what does that mean? Well, imagine you’re on your pirate ship, sailing the seas with your treasure map in hand. You’re looking out for islands, caves, or hidden spots where treasure might be hidden. Those are your opportunities!

In our journey, our opportunities aren’t hidden treasures, but they’re just as exciting! They might be houses that need fixing up, or businesses that need a little extra help. These are things we can buy, make better, and then sell for more than we paid. That’s how we make a profit!

But how do we find these opportunities? Well, that’s where our expertise comes in. We use what we’ve learned to spot houses or businesses that other people might not see as treasures. But we know better, because we’re expert treasure hunters!

We might look at houses in our neighborhood, or businesses in our town. We might talk to people who know about good opportunities, like real estate agents or business owners. We might even use the internet to find opportunities far away.

Remember, finding opportunities takes patience and a keen eye. But don’t worry! Every opportunity you find is like spotting a potential treasure island on your map. And each one brings you closer to the big, shiny $10 million treasure we’re hunting for. So, keep your eyes open and start identifying opportunities! Let’s keep sailing on our voyage!


To buy properties or businesses, you’ll likely need financing. This could involve getting a mortgage, securing a business loan, or finding investors.

retire in 10 years - financing

Fantastic work, my brave explorer! We’re becoming experts and spotting opportunities. Now, it’s time for the next step in our journey to $10 million. We need to “secure financing.”

Now, what does that mean? Well, imagine you’ve found the perfect island where the treasure might be hidden. But to dig up the treasure, you need shovels, picks, and maybe even a treasure chest to put all the gold and jewels in. These things cost money, and that’s where financing comes in!

In our journey, financing is the money we need to buy and improve the houses or businesses we’ve identified as opportunities. Just like a pirate needs tools to dig up treasure, we need money to turn our opportunities into profits!

But where do we get this money? Well, we could use the money we’ve saved in our big piggy bank. Or, we might borrow money from a bank, just like a pirate might borrow tools from another pirate. We could even find people who believe in our treasure hunt and want to invest their money in our journey.

Remember, securing financing is a very important step. It’s like getting the right tools for a treasure hunt. But don’t worry! Every bit of financing you secure is like getting a new shovel or pick for your treasure hunt. And each one brings you closer to the big, shiny $10 million treasure we’re hunting for. So, let’s start securing our financing! On to the next stage of our expedition!


Once you’ve secured financing, buy the property or business and start making improvements. The goal is to increase its value so you can sell it for a profit. Let’s assume your first acquisition is a $250,000 property.

retire in 10 years - improve

Excellent progress, my adventurous friend! We’re experts, we’ve spotted opportunities, and we’ve secured our financing. Now, it’s time for the next step in our journey to $10 million. We need to “buy and improve.”

Now, what does that mean? Well, imagine you’ve landed on the perfect island, and you’ve got your shovels and picks ready. Now, it’s time to start digging! And once you’ve found the treasure, you might clean it up and make it shine even brighter. That’s like buying and improving!

In our journey, buying and improving is when we take our opportunities and make them even better. We might buy a house that needs a little fixing up. Then, we could paint it, fix any broken things, and maybe even plant a beautiful garden. Or, we might buy a business and find ways to make it more successful, like getting more customers or selling more products.

But how do we do this? Here’s where our proficiency really shines, and where financing come in. We use our knowledge to decide what needs to be improved, and we use our money to make those improvements.

Remember, buying and improving takes time and effort. But don’t worry! Every opportunity you buy and improve is like digging up a treasure and making it shine. And each one brings you closer to the big, shiny $10 million treasure we’re hunting for. So, let’s start buying and improving! On to the next step of our thrilling journey!


After improving the property or business, sell it for a profit. Let’s assume you can make a 25% profit on the first transaction. For example, if you buy a property for $250,000 and spend $50,000 (20% of the acquisition cost) on improvements, you could potentially sell it for $375,000, making a $75,000 profit.

retire in 10 years - sold

Incredible work, my daring explorer! We’ve bought and improved our opportunities, and now it’s time for the next step in our journey to $10 million. We need to “sell for a profit.”

Now, what does that mean? Well, imagine you’ve dug up the treasure, cleaned it, and made it shine. Now, it’s time to sell it to someone who wants it more than anyone else and will pay a lot of money for it. That’s like selling for a profit!

In our journey, selling for a profit is when we take the houses or businesses we’ve improved and sell them for more than we paid. We might sell the house we painted and fixed up to someone who falls in love with it. Or, we might sell the business we made more successful to someone who wants to run their own business.

But what’s our strategy for this? This is precisely where our knowledge and skills become crucial. We find the right people who will pay a good price for our improved houses or businesses. And when they do, we make a profit!

Remember, selling for a profit is the exciting part of our journey. It’s like finding a buyer for our shiny treasure. And each sale brings us closer to the big, shiny $10 million treasure we’re hunting for. So, let’s start selling for a profit! Let’s keep moving on our road to riches!


Reinvest your profits into buying and improving more properties or businesses. The more transactions you can complete, the faster your wealth can grow.

retire in 10 years - reinvest

Amazing job, my intrepid adventurers! We’ve sold our improved opportunities for a profit, and now it’s time for the next step in our journey to $10 million. We need to “reinvest our profits.”

Now, what does that mean? Well, imagine you’ve sold your shiny treasure and now you have a lot of money. Instead of spending it all at once, you decide to buy more tools and go on another treasure hunt. That’s like reinvesting your profits!

In our journey, reinvesting our profits is when we take the money we’ve made from selling our improved houses or businesses and use it to buy and improve more opportunities. We might buy another house to fix up, or another business to make more successful.

But how do we go about achieving this? This is the point at which our expertise and our profits play a key role. We leverage our expertise to find new opportunities, and we use our profits to buy and improve them.

Remember, reinvesting your profits is a smart way to keep our journey going. It’s like using the money from one treasure to find even more treasure. And each reinvestment brings us closer to the big, shiny $10 million treasure we’re hunting for. So, let’s start reinvesting our profits! Let’s keep navigating our path to the treasure!

Part 8. SCALE UP

As you gain experience and capital, start working with more expensive properties or businesses. This can increase your potential profits on each transaction.

retire in 10 years - scale

Superb work, my fearless treasure hunters! We’ve reinvested our profits, and now it’s time for the next step in our journey to $10 million. We need to “scale up.”

Now, what does that mean? Well, imagine you’ve found a few treasures already and you’re feeling pretty confident. You decide to go for a bigger treasure next time, one that’s hidden deep in a giant mountain or under the sea. That’s like scaling up!

In our journey, scaling up is when we start going for bigger opportunities. Instead of buying a small house to fix up, we might buy a big apartment building. Or instead of a small business, we might buy a bigger one with more customers and products.

But what’s the method to make this happen? This is the juncture where our mastery becomes essential. We utilize our insights to find bigger opportunities, and we use our profits to buy and improve them.

Remember, scaling up is an exciting part of our journey. It’s like going for the biggest, most exciting treasures. And each time we scale up, we get closer to the big, shiny $10 million treasure we’re hunting for. So, let’s start scaling up! Onwards to our adventure!


To reduce risk, diversify your investments. This could involve investing in different types of real estate (residential, commercial, industrial) or businesses (retail, service, manufacturing).

retire in 10 years - diversify

Brilliant work, my courageous explorers! We’ve scaled up, and now it’s time for the next step in our journey to $10 million. We need to “diversify our investments.

Now, what does that mean? Well, imagine you’ve been finding treasures on islands so far. But then you decide to look for treasures in mountains, forests, and even under the sea! That’s like diversifying your investments!

In our journey, diversifying our investments is when we start looking for different types of opportunities. Instead of just buying houses, we might buy apartment buildings, stores, or even farms! Or instead of just one type of business, we might buy different kinds of businesses, like a bakery, a toy store, or a pet grooming salon.

But how do we put this into action? This is exactly when our know-how steps into the spotlight. We employ our wisdom to find different types of opportunities. And this is a good idea because it makes our journey safer. If one type of opportunity doesn’t work out, we have other types to fall back on.

Remember, diversifying your investments is a smart way to keep our journey safe and exciting. It’s like looking for treasures in all sorts of places. And each new type of investment brings us closer to the big, shiny $10 million treasure we’re hunting for. So, let’s start diversifying our investments! Forward to the final milestone in our adventure!


Staying committed to your plan is crucial. This journey will likely have ups and downs, but staying focused on your goal can help you navigate these challenges.It’s important to remember that the real estate and business markets can be volatile, and returns can vary. However, with careful planning, risk management, and perseverance, you can stay on track towards your goal.

retire in 10 years - committed

Outstanding work, my valiant adventurers! We’ve diversified our investments, and now it’s time for the final step in our journey to $10 million. We need to “stay committed.”

Now, what does that mean? Well, imagine you’re on a long treasure hunt. You’ve found some treasures, but not the big one yet. You might feel tired or discouraged, but you decide to keep going. That’s like staying committed!

In our journey, staying committed means we keep going, even when our journey gets tough. We might not find the right house to buy, or the business we bought might not make a profit right away. But we don’t give up. We keep learning, keep looking for opportunities, and keep believing in our journey.

But what steps do we take to accomplish this? Well, that’s where our expertise and our spirit of adventure come in. We harness our learning to solve problems and find new opportunities. And we remember that we’re on an adventure, and adventures are supposed to be challenging!

Remember, staying committed is the most important part of our journey. It’s like keeping your eyes on the treasure, no matter what. And staying committed is what will get us to the big, shiny $10 million treasure we’re hunting for. So, let’s stay committed and complete our adventure! Onwards to our adventure, and to the treasure that awaits!


Here’s a rough breakdown of how your wealth could grow over 10 years with this plan:

  • Starting point: $300,000
  • Year 1: Buy and sell 1 property or business
    • Buy Price: $250,000
    • Costs and Improvements: $50,000 (20% of buy acquisition)
    • Total Buy: $300,000
    • Sell with a 25% return
    • Making a $75,000 profit
    • Total net worth: $375,000
  • Year 2: Buy and sell 1 property/business
    • Buy Price: $375,000
    • Costs and Improvements: $75,000 (20% of buy acquisition)
    • Total Buy: $450,000
    • Sell with a 24% return
    • Making a $108,000 profit
    • Total net worth: $558,000
  • Rinse and repeat…

And so on. By year 10, with consistent buying and selling and decreasing profit margins (from 25% to 17%), you could potentially reach a net worth of around $10 million.

retire in 10 years

In this financial journey, the variables of costs and returns are not fixed but are based on reasonable estimates. The assumption here is that costs might constitute around 20% of the investment, while the aim is to achieve returns of around 20% (more at the beginning, less at the end). However, these figures can vary significantly based on the specific opportunities that are identified and the individual’s ability to enhance the value of these opportunities. It’s important to note that 50% returns are achievable, but it requires strategic planning, skillful execution, and favorable market conditions.


This is a simplified example and doesn’t take into account taxes, transaction costs, or changes in market conditions. It also assumes a consistent profit, which is not guaranteed and carries risk. While this plan provides a roadmap, it’s important to remember that accumulating $10 million to retire in 10 years is an ambitious goal that requires a high income, aggressive investing, and favorable market conditions. It’s not achievable for everyone, but with the right strategies, discipline, and a bit of luck, it could be possible.

Let’s take a moment to talk about our journey. You see, our plan is like a map to the big, shiny $10 million treasure. But just like a real treasure hunt, it’s not going to be easy. It’s a big challenge, like climbing the tallest mountain or sailing the widest sea. You’ll have to earn your comfortable retirement!

To find our treasure, we’ll need a lot of coins in our piggy bank, we’ll need to be brave and smart with our money, and we’ll need the winds to be in our favor. Not every adventurer can complete this journey. It’s a tough one!

But don’t worry! With the right tools, a lot of hard work, and a sprinkle of pirate’s luck, we might just make it. So, let’s keep our eyes on the treasure, stay brave, and keep going.


Reading a couple of books in each of the following categories is a good starting point to get the basic knowledge needed to pursue this adventure.

You could also watch videos, listen to podcasts, and learn from financial advisors, real estate agents, or other professionals who can provide personalized advice.


Is it possible to retire in 10 years?

Absolutely, it’s possible to retire in 10 years, but it’s not going to be a walk in the park. It’s like deciding to run a marathon when you’ve only ever jogged around the block. You’ll need to prepare, train, and maybe even change your lifestyle. In financial terms, this means saving aggressively, investing wisely, and maybe even finding new ways to earn money. You’ll need a solid plan and a lot of discipline. But with the right mindset and strategies, you can cross that finish line and start your retirement in a decade. It’s a big challenge, but hey, who doesn’t love a good challenge?

How much do I need to retire in 10 years?

The amount you’ll need to retire in 10 years depends on a lot of factors, like your lifestyle, where you live, and your health. But a common rule of thumb is to aim for 25 times your annual expenses. So, if you spend $50,000 a year, you’d aim for a nest egg of $1.25 million. But remember, this is just a rough estimate. You might need more if you plan to travel the world, or less if you plan to live a simple life in the countryside. The key is to figure out what kind of retirement you want, and then plan accordingly.

Can I retire at 55 with 750k?

Retiring at 55 with $750,000 is definitely doable, but it will require careful planning and management. You’ll need to consider your annual expenses, potential healthcare costs, and how long you expect to live. If you plan to live a modest lifestyle and have other sources of income (like Social Security or a part-time job), then $750,000 could be enough. But if you plan to travel extensively or have high healthcare costs, you might need more. The key is to plan ahead, budget carefully, and make sure your money is invested wisely to last through your retirement.

Is $10 m enough to retire?

Oh, absolutely! With $10 million, you could live a very comfortable retirement. Even if you withdraw a conservative 3% per year, that’s $300,000 to spend annually! You could travel, pursue hobbies, and even leave a legacy for your children or grandchildren. Of course, you’ll still need to manage your money wisely, especially given inflation and potential healthcare costs. But with $10 million, you’d have a lot of flexibility and security in your retirement. So, if you’re lucky enough to retire with $10 million, congratulations! You’ve hit the retirement jackpot!

What are the benefits of retiring in 10 years?

Retiring in 10 years can offer a host of benefits, especially if you’re someone who values freedom and flexibility. Firstly, you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor while you’re still relatively young and healthy. This means more time for travel, hobbies, and family. Imagine being able to see the world or pick up new skills without worrying about limited vacation days or work commitments!

Secondly, early retirement can lead to less stress. Without the pressures of a 9-to-5 job, you might find your quality of life improving. You’ll have more time for relaxation, self-care, and activities you love. Thirdly, retiring in 10 years can be a testament to your financial discipline and planning skills. It’s no small feat to save and invest aggressively to achieve this goal. This financial security can provide peace of mind and stability in your retirement years.

However, it’s important to note that early retirement isn’t for everyone and it requires careful planning. You’ll need to consider healthcare costs, longevity, and how you’ll spend your time. But with the right plan in place, retiring in 10 years can open up a new, exciting chapter in your life.

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