🗣️ Heard on the Trading Floor: 100+ expressions and phrases

trading floor

Last Updated on 3 June 2023 by Marc Munier

Ha! The trading floor, the fantasy of teenagers looking for money 🙂

Here is an anthology of expressions and words heard and experienced on the energy trading floor.

Here we go

Pull it, Pull it, Pull it Charlotte!

Who the fuck did that?

Bunch of fucking morons!

Sell it! Come on!

What happened to the fucking password I put on it?!

This guy is fucking dyslexic!

This thing isn’t moving it’s boring!

These fucking colours don’t help!

God damn it!

What the fuck is this?

Yeah, we’d be really screwed…

What the hell is going on with this stupid fucking thing?

Don’t fucking interrupt me when I’m talking!

God damn it!

Pretty fucking awesome!

Come on you bastards!

Yeah they can fuck off! Just go home!

Let’s start again for fuck’s sake!

Are you with me?? This is not fucking complicated!

Don’t hang up on me when I’m speaking to you!

trading floor

Francisco, you better not hang up on me again otherwise it’s gonna get serious!

Don’t get fucking pissed off! I don’t need your attitude, I need information. Get out the attitude next time.

If there’s a doubt ask me! Don’t do what she says!

I don’t understand anything, what the hell is that?!

It’s gonna go down the fucking toilet!

Let’s wrap this shit up!

We’re gonna sell a load of crap guys, just so you know.

Oh you bastard!

I’ll do all the work as I always do… I just give, give, give… You just take, take, take…

Sell some more, you know you want to!

Holy shit! I’m not going outside!

trading floor

Yeah! Spank me, Spank it, Spank me some more! You know you want to! Oh you asshole!

Let’s wrap this shit up and go to pub!

Treat Sven as if he’s a kid and doesn’t understand shit.

You’re right Pallav, this guy is a twat.

You fat bastard you need to sign up to the gym!

I’m back and I’m hungry for some more.

As your fucking boss, I have the fucking right to know what your fucking strategy is Sven!

Hey, who’s front running me? Fucking Merrill Lynch, for fuck’s sakes! It’s fucking annoying. Tell them to fuck off! Pain in the ass is what they are.

Man, he must have got raped during the weekend!

You’re fucking bored, do some fucking analysis.

Hey, dude, sit on it, just sit on it.

Yeah you cheating bastard! Fucking hell!

System is down we’re fucking flying blind here I want every man working on it!

Happy days! We must have made some fucking money!

Fucking brilliant!

So that forecast might be a load of crap right?

Don’t talk for the sake of talking! You’re trying to educate me on my fucking job here!

This is gonna be an uuuuugly day!

This statement is bullshit!

What the hell happened in the weekend??!

Let’s get some action here!

You’re completely confusing me!

Jesus Christ we’re in trouble.

You should question everything!

Freakin’ idiots! Hey!

This is fucking pissing me off, I want some fucking answers!

Bullshit is the answer!

So it’s a complete fucking mess as usual!

I need some freakin’ answers here. I’m sitting on my ass, not optimising.

What is going on with these freaking costs??!

That is an unacceptable mistake!

I’m so fucked off! I can’t trade with this shit Steeve!

That’s £3 I owe to the swear box!

Ouh! SHIT! Bollocks!

The graph is ugly.

I got myself pretty freakin’ short.

It’s looking wet and windy, so they can fuck off!

Are you ready? It’s gonna be one of those days! Come and get it! Ouh Yeah baby!

This is freakin’ awesome!

Who fuck knows?

I’m hungry baby, feeeeeeeed me!

Bunch of freakin’ idiots! These are the most fucking incompetent traders of the history of the fuckin’…

Come on you fucking beauty!

Don’t be too aggressive on France…

Fuck it!

Why doesn’t she leave the fucking halves?

We’ve just fucking talked about this for fuck sakes!

Ah shit God damn it! Pulled!

That’s fucking ridiculous.

I’ll double.

That’s far too bloody low.

Still pretty fucking bullish.

Bunch of freakin’ morons!

It could be a freaking lottery.

It’s fucking incredible dude!

I can buy the fucking base.

Fucking hell!

That’s fucking typical, Bloomberg!

That’s fucking sweet!

Alright dude!

Holy shmoly!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah SHIT!!

To be honest with you it’s completely fucked up.

Oh yeah come on! Gimme! Gimme!

I don’t need that, I sold some shit load today.

Fuck trees! Fuck the environment!

Sell it! Sell it!

You didn’t add the 25?! It’s only been the same process for the last 50 years! Have you been drinking?

Come-ON! Holy shit! I didn’t see that comin’!

Why are we given bullshit information?!!

I think that it’s pretty fucking nuts.


What is a trade floor?

A trading floor refers to a physical location where the buying and selling of financial instruments occur. It’s the central hub of a stock exchange or commodities exchange, where brokers and traders execute orders. Historically, trading floors have been filled with a cacophony of shouting traders and flashing electronic boards as a flurry of buying and selling transactions took place. The atmosphere on the trading floor can be highly charged and fast-paced, with traders needing to make split-second decisions based on fluctuating market conditions. Trading floors can house various types of financial markets, including stocks, commodities, futures, and foreign exchange markets.

What is an example of a trading floor?

The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in Manhattan is a quintessential example of a trading floor. It has been the symbol of capitalism and the nerve center of world finance for over two centuries. Its trading floor has served as the backdrop for countless photos and videos, with traders gesticulating and shouting orders over the din. At the NYSE, brokers and traders representing different firms and financial institutions meet to execute orders on behalf of their clients, buying and selling stocks based on supply and demand.

Why do trading floors still exist?

Despite the rise of electronic and algorithmic trading, trading floors continue to exist due to several reasons. Firstly, they offer direct human interaction, which can lead to more negotiation opportunities and the chance to capitalize on non-verbal cues. Secondly, in highly volatile or illiquid markets, having human traders on a floor can prove beneficial over electronic systems that might fail or exacerbate market swings. Lastly, they maintain a symbolic and historical significance, representing the spirit of the financial markets. Trading floors, particularly those like the NYSE, also carry a sense of tradition, heritage, and legitimacy that further cements their place in the financial world.

What is the structure of a trading floor?

The structure of a trading floor is designed to facilitate quick and efficient communication and transactions. They are typically large, open spaces filled with clusters of desks, known as ‘pits,’ where traders and brokers gather. These desks are equipped with multiple monitors showing real-time market data, news, and internal software for trading and communication. At the periphery, there are typically large electronic boards displaying market information. Each pit represents a different financial instrument or a different firm’s operation. Traders signal each other for trades using a combination of hand signals and shouted instructions. However, with the advent of technology, a lot of these communications are also done through digital systems. The trading floor’s structure, thus, seamlessly blends tradition with modern technology to provide a dynamic environment for conducting financial transactions.

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